Brahma 18022502 AT5/TR control box

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Brahma AT5/TR 18022502 is designed for effective control of atmospheric gas burners intended for use in both the civil and industrial sectors, with a capacity of up to 350 kW.


The Brahma AT5/TR 18022502 controllers components are mounted on a pressed frame made of thermosetting material with high dielectric resistance. The plastic case provides reliable protection of the device from possible damage, such as collisions, careless opening, exposure to dust and atmospheric conditions. Flexible unipolar conductors of various sizes connect the control components, excluding only the flame detection circuit. Such a constructive approach guarantees not only the effective functioning of the control system, but also prevents possible malfunctions, ensuring a long service life of the device.

Technical specifications

Supply Voltage (1): 220V (-20% +10%)

Operating temperature range: -10°C +60°C

Degree of protection: IP40

Power consumption at startup: 15 VA

Power consumption during operation: 7.5 VA

Nominal contact:

– valves: 2 A

– alarm: 1 A

– thermostat: 6 A


– standby time (TW): approximately 15 sec.

– safe time (TS): 10 s

– shutdown time in case of malfunction of the working flame: < 1 s

– delay between EVP and EV2: approximately 15 s

Flame control:

– min. Ionization current: 0.5 µA

– recommended ionization current: >5 µA

– min. insulation resistance between

electrode, cable and ground: > 50 MOHM

Ignition transformer:

– Ignition voltage: 8 kV

– Secondary voltage: actual 6mA

– consumption: 7 VA

– spark energy: 45 MJ

Weight with socket: 515 g

Versions with different supply voltages are available.

Installation Instructions

–  Automatic regulators are safety devices and should not be opened. The manufacturer’s liability and warranty expire if the control is inadvertently opened.

–  For safety reasons, an adjustment shutdown should occur every 24 hours.

–  The device can be installed in any position.

–  The voltage and neutral must be connected correctly; an error can lead to a dangerous situation.

–  The grounding terminal of the control unit, the metal frame of the burner, the grounding of the ignition transformer and the grounding of the electrical system must be securely connected.

–  Make sure that the discharge of the ignition transformer does not fall on the detector electrode.

–  The length of the connecting cable of the detector electrode should not exceed 20 meters.

–  Do not place the detection cable close to the power or ignition cables.

–  Use a heat-resistant detector electrode and cable, well insulated from the ground and protected from moisture or water in general.

–  Always check the control system before the first start, as well as after any replacement or after a long period of inactivity of the system.