Brahma 18018462 MF2/5 control box

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Brahma MF2/5 18018462 burner control unit is an effective means of controlling the combustion process of fuel with a wide range of technical characteristics. This Brahma MF2/5 1801846 gas control unit is designed for traction burners running on both gas and fuel oil, and is adapted for use in both civil and industrial sectors. One of the key features is the ability to control burners with two flame levels.

Technical specifications:

– Supply voltage: 220 V (-15%+10%), 50 Hz (±5%) (110 V is also possible on request).

– Operating temperature range: -10°C to +60°C.

– Degree of protection: IP40.

– Power consumption at startup: 9 VA, at operation: 3.5 VA.

– Rated contact current for various components.

– Time parameters: pre-preparation (30 s), actuation (3 s), shutdown when the flame is switched off (<1 s), delay between valves (30 s), time after purging (5 s).

– Flame control: minimum ionization current, recommended ionization current, insulation resistance, voltage on the detection sensor.

– Weight with socket: 600 g.

– Working environment: gas.

– Mode of operation: intermittent.


– Suitable for gas and fuel oil traction burners intended for civil and industrial use.

– Works with burners having two flame levels.


– The components of the control system are securely fixed on a frame made of pressed heat-curing material with high dielectric resistance.

– The housing provides additional protection of the control panel from mechanical damage, dust and dirt affecting during installation.

– Flexible unipolar conductors connect the system components, with the exception of the flame detection and pre-purge circuit integrated on the printed circuit board.

Flame detection sensor:

– Can be used as a probe with flame ionization.

– Compatible with UV phototube.

Certification and compliance with standards:

– Complies with German regulations DIN 4788, Part 3, for power up to 350 kW.

– Received the approval of DIN-DVGW 89.09fBN (expired, not subject to renewal).

– Tested in the “Laboratory of Macintosh and Thermotechnics at the Studi ed Esperienze Center” in Rome – Capannelle with a capacity of up to 2332 kW.

– The system has received certificate No. 3704/187/77/21.

– Approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Fire Safety (Circulars No. 68 and No. 42) emphasizes safety and compliance with the standards of this control unit.