Brahma 18006015 VE3.2 control box

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Brahma VE3.2 18006015 burner controller are designed for efficient control of forced-draft gas burners and are widely used in the civil and industrial sectors. Brahma VE3.2 18006015 gas firing devices are designed with high standards of safety and efficiency in mind, ensuring reliable operation of the burners in various operating conditions.

Taking into account the high requirements for safety and stability of operation, Brahma VE3.2 18006015 furnace machines provide optimal control of gas burners, thereby ensuring comfort and efficiency during the operation of heating systems and production plants.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage: 220 V (-15% +10%)

50 Hz (±5%)

for single-stage and two-stage burners with non-constant cycle;

controlled reboot at least once every 24 hours for self-checking;

ignition transformer with one primary and two secondary windings;

manually reset the lock using the restart button;

alarm notification of an accident;

protection of automation against voltage surges and short circuits;

small dimensions of the structure that do not require a lot of space during installation;

plastic housing, resistant to shock and ignition;

protection of electrical components from dust and moisture according to IP 40 standard;

Operating temperature range: -10°C +60°C

Degree of protection: IP40

Power consumption at startup: 10 VA

Power consumption during operation: 6.5VA

Maximum rated current:

– burner motor: 4 A

– EV valve: 2 A

– ignition transformer: 2 A

– Alarm: 1 A

– Pre-preparation time (TV): SR3 – VE3: 50 s

– safe time (TS): 3 s

– shutdown time when the working flame is turned off: <1 s

Flame control:

– minimum ionization current: 0.5µA

– recommended ionization current: 7 µA

– voltage on the detection sensor: 300 V

Weight with socket: 550 g


The components of the Brahma VE3.2 18006015 control unit are mounted on a pressed frame made of heat-resistant material with high dielectric resistance. The plastic case protects the device from possible damage as a result of accidents, careless opening, dust ingress and contact with the external environment.

Flexible unipolar conductors of different sizes connect the components of the control system, with the exception of the flame detection and pre-purge circuit, which is mounted on a printed circuit board.

Flame control

A transformer having one primary and two secondary windings feeds an electronic flame detection circuit with a low voltage, and a detection sensor with a voltage of about 300 V. 

The great advantage of this power supply system is the presence of constant ionization values, even if the network is operating in real time.

To check the effectiveness of the flame detection circuit, you need to do the following: connect an ammeter with low resistance;

Series-connected resistors must provide a total resistance value of 200 mOhm (for example, 20 resistors of 10 mOhm 1/4 W 5%).

If the Brahma VE3.2 18006015 control unit is powered by 220 V mains, the measured current value is about 0.5+0.6 µA DC, which leads to the ignition relay being switched on. Lower current values indicate that the circuit is damaged or only partially working.