Brahma 18001352 SR3/V control box

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Brahma SR3/V 18001352 burner controller are designed for efficient control of forced-draft gas burners used in the civil and industrial sectors. Brahma SR3/V 18001352 gas control boxes ensure reliable operation of the burners, guaranteeing safety and efficiency during operation.

Technical specifications

– Supply voltage: 220V (-15% +10%)

– Frequency: 50 Hz (±5%)

– Operating temperature range: -10°C to +60°C

– Degree of protection: IP40

– Power consumption at startup: 10 VA

– Power consumption during operation: 6.5 VA

– Maximum rated current:

  – Burner motor: 4 A

– EV valve: 2 A

  – Ignition transformer: 2 A

– Easy fixing and connection;

– For boilers up to 120 kW

– Alarm system: 1 A

 – Pre-preparation time (TV): 50 s

 – Safe Time (TS): 3 s


– With socket: 550 g

 – Shutdown time when the working flame is turned off: <1 s

Flame control

– Minimum ionization current: 0.5 µA

– Recommended ionization current: 7 µA

– Voltage on the detection sensor: 300 V


– The components of the Brahma SR3/V 18001352 control unit are fixed on a pressed frame made of heat-resistant material with high dielectric resistance.

– The plastic case provides protection against damage, accidents, dust and environmental influences.

– Flexible unipolar conductors of different sizes connect the components of the control system, with the exception of the flame detection and pre-purge circuit mounted on the printed circuit board.


– Compliance with German standards DIN 4788, Part 3, for power up to 120 kW.

– Certification from the “Laboratory of Macintosh and Thermotechnics at the Studi ed Esperienze Center” in Rome.

– Approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Fire safety.