Brahma 15911101 TC2LTCA ignition transformer

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BRAHMA TC2LTCA 15911101 ignition transformers are compact devices specially designed for use in gas and liquid fuel burners, covering a wide range of needs from domestic to industrial installations. These transformers operate on a high-frequency electronic generator, providing an output voltage of up to 15 kV. All modifications can be equipped with a filter to reduce electromagnetic interference, which complies with the standards of Directive 2004/108/EC. Versions are also available for continuous operation with a 50% cycle for 2 minutes.

Main Features

1. Compact and versatile application: The TC2LTCA 15911101 ignition units are designed for use in various burners, providing reliable ignition in both domestic and industrial environments.

2. High-frequency electronic generator: They operate on the basis of a high-frequency electronic generator that provides efficient generation of output voltage up to 15 kV.

3. Interference reduction filter: All models provide the possibility of installing a filter capable of reducing electromagnetic interference, in accordance with Directive 2004/108/EC.

4. Options for continuous operation: Transformer versions with a 50% duty cycle are available, which ensures continuous operation for 2 minutes.


– The possibility of delivery with an integrated EMC filter;

– 100% duty cycle;

– Compact size and low weight;

– High efficiency and ignition power;

– Low power consumption;

– Single or two-pin high voltage output;

– Various fastening and connecting systems;

– Built-in short circuit protection;

– Safety in gas and liquid fuel burners depends on the controller.

These features make TC2LTCA 15911101 transformers a reliable and efficient solution for ignition systems in various conditions of use.

Technical information

Number of contacts: 2;

Peak output voltage: 2*12 kV;;

Output voltage frequency (1): 6 kHz;

Output voltage frequency (2): 10 kHz;

Power Consumption: 55 VA;

Supply voltage: 220-240 V 50/60 Hz (can be on request: 110-120 V 50/60 Hz);

Operating temperature: -10 … +60 °C;

Protection: IP00;

Recommended spark distance: 3-5 mm;

Maximum length of ignition cable: 1.5 m;

Standard power cable length: 560mm;

Weight: about 420 g.


When handling BRAHMA TC2LTCA 15911101 ignition units, please note the following:


– Connect and disconnect the BRAHMA TC2LTCA 15911101 spark transformer only after the power is turned off.

– The installation must comply with national and European electrical safety standards such as EN60355-1 / EN50165.

– Ensure that the valve body is connected to the ground to protect against electric shock (EN60335-1).

– The BRAHMA TC2LTCA 15911101 transformer with ignition cable can be installed in any position.

– Avoid placing high-voltage cables next to other wires.

– Provide the necessary level of protection in accordance with the installation requirements.