Brahma 15910675 TD1LTCSF ignition transformer

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BRAHMA TD1LTCSF 15910675 ignition transformers stand out for their amazing compactness and are used in various types of burners, such as gas burners, as well as burners for light and heavy types of liquid fuels.

They are used in both domestic and commercial installations, as well as in industrial sectors.

Main Features

  • The possibility of delivery with an integrated EMC filter;
  • 100% duty cycle;
  • Compact size and low weight;
  • High efficiency and ignition power;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Single or double-pin high voltage output;
  • Various mounting and connecting systems;
  • Built-in short circuit protection.

BRAHMA TD1LTCSF 15910675 transformers comply with the requirements of the “Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC” directive, having an IMQ permit in accordance with the standards EN 61558-1:1997 + A1:1998 +A11:2003 and EN 61558-2- 3:2000.

Technical specifications

Number of contacts: 1

Peak output voltage kV: 15

Peak current mA: 45

Frequency of output voltage kHz (1): 6

Frequency of output voltage kHz (2): 10

VA Energy Consumption: 25

Ignition cable connectors: plug-in Ø4 mm

Supply voltage: 220-240 V 50/60 Hz On request: 110-120 V 50/60 Hz

Duty cycle: 100 %

Operating temperature: -10 … +60 °C

Protection: IP00

Recommended distance between electrodes (spark distance): 3÷5 mm

Max. length of ignition cable: 1.5 m

Standard power cable length: 560mm

Weight: about 360 g.


The principle of operation, based on the use of a high-frequency electronic generator, allows you to create a device of compact size and light weight with high ignition power. The electronic circuit and the transformer with a ferritic core are coated with a special compound with high thermal conductivity and a unique expansion coefficient, which provides protection against temperature fluctuations and overloads caused by prolonged operation. The built-in varistor protects the device from possible power surges in the power supply network. Transformers are available in various versions with different number and position of contacts, types of high voltage connections and power cable, with/without an EMC (electromagnetic) filter.


BRAHMA TD1LTCSF 15910675 transformers with ignition cable can be used with Brahma controllers, which can be installed directly on the transformer using M4x45 screws. All transformers can be supplied with either a built-in power cable or a connector for it. The connection of the high-voltage cable is carried out inside the insulator and is available in two versions: threaded connection or connector connection with a diameter of 4 mm. All connectors, including cable connectors, are available on request.


  • Connect and disconnect the BRAHMA TD1LTCSF 15910675 transformer only after the power is turned off.
  • The installation must comply with national and European standards (e.g. EN60355-1 / EN50165) for electrical safety.
  • The transformer can be installed in any position.
  • Do not allow high-voltage cables to be placed next to other cables.
  • Ensure the appropriate level of protection for this installation.