Brahma 15910551 TC2STCAF ignition transformer

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BRAHMA TC2STCAF 15910551 ignition units are compact devices specially designed for use in gas burners, as well as burners for light and heavy types of liquid fuels. They are used in both domestic and commercial as well as industrial installations due to their miniature size and high performance.

The principle of operation of BRAHMA TC2STCAF 15910551 transformers is based on the use of a high-frequency electronic generator. The voltage generated by this generator increases due to the use of a transformer with a ferritic core, which allows you to reach output values up to 15 kV. This principle of operation ensures efficient ignition in burners.

An important aspect of the functionality of the BRAHMA TC2STCAF 15910551 ignition transformers is the possibility of delivery with a filter to reduce the level of electromagnetic interference. This makes it possible to comply with the requirements of Directive 2004/108/EC without the need for additional external filters. Thus, reliable operation of transformers is ensured in conditions where compliance with electromagnetic standards is important.

BRAHMA TC2STCAF 15910551 transformers with ignition cable also offer versions for continuous operation with 100% duty cycle. This means that they can be used continuously without interruptions, which makes them suitable for use in situations where long and continuous operation is required.


  • The main characteristics of this series of transformers:
  • The possibility of delivery with an integrated EMC filter;
  • Light weight and compact size;
  • High efficiency and ignition power;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Single or double-pin high voltage output;
  • Various mounting and connecting systems;
  • Built-in short circuit protection;
  • In gas and liquid fuel burners, the safety of ignition transformers depends on the controller.


The BRAHMA TC2STCAF 15910551 ignition devices comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC (Low Voltage Directive) and have an IMQ resolution in accordance with the standards EN 61558-1:1997 + A1:1998 +A11:2003 and EN 61558-2-3:2000.

Compliance with these standards confirms the safety and electrical reliability of the devices, allowing them to be used in accordance with European standards and requirements for devices operating at low voltage. Such certifications and permits emphasize that BRAHMA TC2STCAF 15910551 high-voltage transformers have been thoroughly tested and comply with safety standards established in the European Union.

Technical data

Number of contacts: 2

Peak output voltage (kV): 2*12

Peak current (mA): 55

Rated current (mA): 27

Output voltage frequency (kHz) No.1: 6

Output voltage frequency (kHz) No.2: 10

Power consumption (VA): 55

Supply voltage: 220-240 V 50/60 Hz; On request: 110-120 V 50/60 Hz

Duty cycle: 50 %

Operating temperature: -10 … +60 °C

Protection: IP00

Recommended electrode spacing (spark distance): 3-5mm

Max. length of ignition cable: 1.5 m

Standard power cable length: 560mm

Weight: about 420 g.


1. High frequency electronic generator: This component is a key element that ensures high ignition power. High-frequency generators ensure efficient energy transfer to a transformer with a ferritic core, which contributes to a high output voltage.

2. Special materials for the transformer: The use of a special composition with high thermal conductivity and a special expansion coefficient ensures stable operation of the transformer under various temperature conditions. This is important to prevent overheating and ensure the durability of the device.

3. Built-in varistor: Protection against power surges is important to prevent damage to the device. The varistor serves as an effective element of smoothing and protection against sudden voltage changes.

4. A variety of designs: The availability of various device options with different numbers of contacts, connection types and an optional EMC filter allows you to adapt the devices to specific requirements and operating conditions.


1. Compatibility with Brahma controllers: The ability to use transformers with Brahma controllers creates an integrated control system that provides more accurate and flexible control of the ignition process.

2. Direct mounting of controllers: Installing Brahma controllers directly on transformers using M4x45 screws provides ease of installation and minimizes the need for additional fasteners.

3. Various power options: The ability to choose between transformers with integrated power cable and connector creates flexibility in installation and meets different needs and application conditions.

4. A variety of connection options: The ability to choose between a threaded connection and a connection with an ø4 mm connector for a high-voltage cable ensures adaptation to various systems and installation requirements.

5. Connector availability: The ability to order various types of connectors, including connectors with cable, on request provides the user with additional options and flexibility.

These characteristics make it possible to effectively integrate BRAHMA TC2STCAF 15910551 transformers with ignition cable into control systems, ensuring optimal performance and ease of installation and maintenance.