Brahma 15177081 T13/M ignition transformer

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Ignition transformers BRAHMA T13/M 15177081 are designed for use in burners running on liquid or gaseous fuels. This means that they can provide the necessary ignition and flame maintenance in systems using various types of fuels, including liquids and gases.

This versatility makes the BRAHMA T13/M 15177081 ignition transformers suitable for various types of heating and industrial systems where a variety of fuels are used. Such transformers play an important role in ensuring stable and efficient ignition, which is critical for the operation of heating systems and burners.

Technical data

– Supply voltage: 220 V – 50 Hz

– Operating temperature range: -10°C +35°C

– Insulation: polyester resin

– Recommended distance between electrodes: 3 – 5 mm

– Standard length of the power cable: 550 mm

– Number of poles: 1

– Output peak voltage (KV): 1 x 12

– Output effective voltage (KV): 1 x 8

– Output effective current (mA): 16

– Input effective current (A): 0.65

– Duty cycle: 100%

– Power consumption (VA): 145

– Weight (kg): 2

– Dust and moisture protection class: IP 00

– Ignition cable connectors: plug-in Ø6.3 mm

– Dimensions: 11×9.6×7.8 cm


– The magnetic circuit of the transformer has the shape of a shell, which can affect its electromagnetic characteristics and efficiency.

– The secondary windings are grounded in the center, which is a safety measure and can reduce electromagnetic interference.

– The transformer is equipped with a radio interference suppression screen, which requires reliable grounding for efficient operation.

– Two caps painted with flame retardant paint cover the transformer coils, forming a single unit with a magnetic circuit.

– Each transformer is identified by the letter T (transformer), a series of numbers indicating the model, and possibly a letter of the alphabet indicating a specific mounting system.

– The mounting system may be standard or different depending on the requirements. The part designation T11 refers to a transformer with a standard mounting system, while T11/N may refer to a transformer T11 with a different mounting system.

– Ignition units BRAHMA T13/M 15177081 can have the same electrical characteristics, but different mounting systems, which provides flexibility of choice depending on specific requirements and conditions of use.