Brahma 15093201 T11/M ignition transformer

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The transformers with ignition cable BRAHMA T11/M 15093201 are designed for use with burners running on both liquid and gaseous fuels. This means their versatility and ability to provide ignition in systems using a variety of fuels, which can be useful in various industrial or home applications.


  • The BRAHMA T11/M 15093201 transformers offer a variety of connection and mounting systems, providing flexibility in installation.
  • They have high discharge power, which makes them particularly suitable for applications where long ignition wires are required.
  • High efficiency and ignition power make these transformers an ideal choice for a wide range of applications where a reliable and efficient ignition process is required.

Technical data

– Supply voltage: 220 V – 50 Hz

– Operating temperature range: -10°C +35°C

– Insulation: polyester resin

– Recommended distance between electrodes: 3 – 5 mm

– Standard length of the power cable: 550 mm

– Number of poles: 1

– Output peak voltage (KV): 1 x 15

– Output effective voltage (KV): 1 x 9

– Output effective current (mA): 20

– Input effective current (A): 1.1

– Duty cycle: 33% in 3 minutes

– Power consumption (VA): 240

– Weight (kg): 2

– Dust and moisture protection class: IP 00

– Ignition cable connectors: screw Ø2.5 mm

– Dimensions: 11×9.6×7.8 cm


The magnetic core of the spark transformer BRAHMA T11/M 15093201 has the shape of a shell, and the secondary windings are grounded in the center. This high-voltage transformer is equipped with a shield to suppress radio interference, requiring reliable grounding. Two caps painted with flame retardant paint cover the coils, forming a single unit with a magnetic circuit.

The identification of each transformer includes a fixed letter T (denoting “transformer”), a series of numbers reflecting the model, and, sometimes, a letter of the alphabet defining the mounting system. If a standard mounting system is used, the corresponding letter is not indicated in the designation. For example, T11 indicates a transformer with a standard mounting system, while T11/N refers to a T11 transformer with a different mounting system.

Ignition units BRAHMA T11/M 15093201 may have the same electrical characteristics, but differ in mounting systems, or vice versa.


High-voltage insulators used in transformers BRAHMA T11/M 15093201 are presented in two types, depending on the method of connection with high-voltage cables:

1. Screw terminal:

– A screw is used to connect to high voltage cables.

   – In the absence of an explicit indication of the use of another type, it is assumed that a screw terminal is used.

2. Cylindrical terminal with a diameter of 4 mm:

– A cylindrical terminal with a diameter of 4 mm is used for connection to high-voltage cables.

3. Cylindrical terminal with a diameter of 6.3 mm:

   – A cylindrical terminal with a diameter of 6.3 mm is used for connection to high-voltage cables.

Note that in the absence of an explicit indication of the use of another type, the use of a screw terminal is assumed. The insulators are made of 30% PBT fiberglass, providing them with high insulation capacity and strength.