Brahma 13992631 GVC30*S2Z*L2X*SRD*P gas valve

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  • Gas control units BRAHMA GVC30*S2Z*L2X*SRD*P 13992631 provide a reliable and efficient solution for controlling gas flow in residential and industrial installations. They come with various functional features, including a bypass valve, gas pressure sensor, and input pressure regulator. In this section, we will explore the key characteristics and advantages of these gas valves.


    1. Bypass Valve and Pressure Sensor: Gas valves BRAHMA GVC30*S2Z*L2X*SRD*P 13992631 can be equipped with a bypass valve for additional gas flow control. The gas pressure sensor with fixed or adjustable setpoint ensures accurate pressure measurement for optimal system operation.

    2. Input Pressure Regulator: The presence of an input pressure regulator allows precise adjustment and maintenance of constant gas pressure, a crucial element for the effective operation of the installation.

    3. Electrical Connections: The use of a printed circuit board in a plastic casing ensures reliable electrical connections between system components. This contributes to the stable and safe operation of the valves.

    4. Connection System: The valve system is electrically connected to the control unit via a four-pin MPM plug. This provides a simple and convenient connection in various applications.

    Technical Specifications

    – Maximum Overpressure: 200 mbar

    – Inlet Connection: Rp 1″

    – Outlet Connection: Rp 1″

    – Power Supply: 230 V

    – Ambient Temperature Range: -10 to +60 °C

    – Maximum Opening Time: 1 s

    – Maximum Closing Time: 1 s

    – Power: 83 W

    – Electromagnetic Valves V1 and V2: Class A

    – Dust and Moisture Protection Class: IP 40

    – Weight: 0.592 kg

    – Dimensions: 22×18.7×22.5 cm


    1. Versatility: BRAHMA GVC30*S2Z*L2X*SRD*P 13992631 gas control blocks are suitable for various applications, including residential and industrial installations.

    2. Reliability and Safety: Electrical and mechanical components ensure reliable operation, and the signal LED facilitates installation and maintenance processes.

    3. Adjustability: The ability to adjust pressure and control gas flow makes these gas solenoid valves BRAHMA GVC30*S2Z*L2X*SRD*P 13992631 flexible and adaptable to different operating conditions.