Brahma 13992012 GVC15*S*L gas valve

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Gas valves BRAHMA GVC15*S*L 13992012 can be equipped with a bypass valve and/or a gas pressure sensor with a fixed or adjustable set value, as well as an inlet pressure regulator to adjust and maintain a constant gas pressure. Electrical connections between the components of the system are made using a printed circuit board housed in a plastic casing. The valve system is electrically connected to the control unit through a four-pin MPM connector, enabling easy installation in any applications. The presence of voltage is indicated by a signal LED, which is useful during installation and maintenance.

Technical Specifications

– Class: A

– Group: 2

– Supply voltage: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

– Operating temperature range: -10°C / +60°C

– Closing time: 1 s

– Opening time: 1 s

– Protection rating: IP40

– Mounting position: horizontal and vertical (not upside down)

– Valve body: die-cast aluminum


  • Adhere to relevant national and European standards (e.g., EN60335-1) regarding electrical safety.
  • Assemble the gas solenoid valve BRAHMA GVC15*S*L 13992012 to the installation so that the arrow on the valve body points in the same direction as the fuel flow.
  • When assembling the gas control block BRAHMA GVC15*S*L 13992012 to the installation piping, avoid twisting the sheath and always use a hexagonal key on the valve body.
  • Ensure that no foreign objects have entered the housing of the gas valve BRAHMA GVC15*S*L 13992012.
  • Ensure that the maximum fuel input pressure never exceeds the value indicated on the product label.