Brahma 13932050 EG25*LP.3*GMO 8 gas valve

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Brahma EG25*LP.3*GMO 8 13932050 gas valves are designed for a wide range of applications in the civil and industrial sectors. Providing silent operation thanks to the internal rectification circuit, these valves combine reliability and efficiency.

Technical specifications

Class: A

Group: 2

Supply voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz

Operating temperature: -10°C / +60°C

Closing time: 1 s

Opening time: 1 sec

Degree of protection: GMO IP54

Installation: vertical and horizontal

Body: die-cast aluminum

Core mounting: PG9

Working pressure: 350 mbar

Hole diameter: 25 mm

Weight: 2415 g

Voltage: 33 V

Opening type: Slow-opening valve

Winding type: The power is supplied by alternating current, but the Brahma EG25*LP.3*GMO 8 13932050 gas solenoid valve operates on direct current thanks to the built-in rectifier bridge

Connection Type: Terminal block connection

Solenoid valves with bypass

Brahma EG25*LP.3*GMO 8 13932050 compact gas units can be equipped with a bypass valve (with a hole diameter of 11 mm) mounted directly on the housing. Thus, the installation of a separate bypass valve is excluded. As for the main Brahma EG25*LP.3*GMO 8 13932050 gas valve, and the bypass supply is supplied from the same inlet gas pipe, even if they have different electrical regulators. The bypass valve can have a fast or slow opening, and can also be with or without a flow regulator, but in any case include an internal rectification circuit that allows the use of suitable attenuators to make its actions as silent as possible.

Connections of electromagnetic valves

To ensure tightness, it is possible to connect two solenoid valves using two mounting brackets and an O-ring. The entire system is fixed with two screws. This method avoids the inconveniences associated with the use of threaded connections.

Flow adjustment

To adjust the gas flow rate, follow these steps: loosen one of the two screws securing the locking group and turn the entire group clockwise to increase the flow rate, or in the opposite direction to decrease it.

Adjusting the opening time

After removing the upper protection, turn it counterclockwise and press the adjusting screw. When rotating clockwise, the opening time will increase, and when rotating in the opposite direction, the opening time will decrease.

Quick-release initial flow adjustment

After removing the top guard by turning it counterclockwise, if you then turn the nut clockwise, the initial release will decrease; whereas if you turn the same nut counterclockwise, the initial release will increase.