Brahma 13924560 EG15*SR*GMO gas valve

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BRAHMA EG15*SR*GMO 13924560 gas valves are of a normally closed type, suitable for civil and industrial applications, powered by alternating or direct current and equipped with a mesh filter at the inlet, preventing dirt from entering with a thickness of more than 1 mm.

The BRAHMA EG15*SR*GMO 13924560 gas solenoid valves, after the reference type, have a direct current supply coil, which allows you to perform actions as silently as possible.

It is possible to install an BRAHMA EG15*SR*GMO 13924560 combined gas units or a slow-opening valve (obtained using a special hydraulic shock absorber) with flow control and an initial flow of quick-opening adjustment and pressure plugs at the inlet and outlet.

BRAHMA EG15*SR*GMO 13924560 gas control blocks conforming to the EN 161 standard have a CE type certificate (CE registration number 63AQ0626) in accordance with European Directives 90/396 and 93/68.

Technical specifications

Class: A

Group: 2

Supply voltage (1): 220-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz

Operating temperature: -10°C / +60°C

Closing time: 1 s

Opening time: 1 sec

Installation: vertical and horizontal

Body: die-cast aluminum

Core mounting: PG9

Working pressure: 500 mbar

Hole diameter: 15mm

Weight: 850 g

Voltage: 22 VA

Gas flow: 8 m3/h


  • Comply with applicable national and European standards (e.g. EN60335-1) regarding electrical safety.
  • Install the BRAHMA EG15*SR*GMO 13924560 valve at the installation location so that the arrow on the valve body has the same direction as the fuel flow.
  • When mounting the valve to the mounting pipe, avoid twisting the casing and always use a hex wrench to attach it to the valve body.
  • Make sure that there are no foreign objects inserted into the valve body.
  • Make sure that the max. fuel inlet pressure never exceeds the values mentioned on the label.

Connections of electromagnetic valves

To ensure tightness, two valves can be connected using two mounting brackets and an O-ring. The entire system is locked with two screws. This method avoids the burdensome use of threaded connections.

Solenoid valves with bypass

All versions of BRAHMA EG15*SR*GMO 13924560 valves can be equipped with a bypass valve (with a hole diameter of 11 mm) mounted directly on the housing. Thus, the installation of a separate bypass valve is excluded.  Both the main valve and the bypass valve are supplied from the same inlet gas pipe, even if they have different electrical regulators. The bypass valve can have a quick opening and, perhaps, both with and without a flow regulator, but in any case include an internal rectification circuit, which allows the use of suitable attenuators to make its actions as silent as possible.