Brahma 13922111 EG12*LP*GMO5 gas valve

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Brahma EG12*LP*GMO5 13922111 valves are devices designed for use in both the civil and industrial sectors. They can be powered by alternating or direct current and equipped with a mesh filter at the inlet, preventing the penetration of particles with a thickness of more than 1 mm. In addition, these Brahma EG12*LP*GMO5 13922111 gas solenoid valves are equipped with a coil for direct current supply, thereby ensuring that operations are performed with minimal noise.

Technical specifications

Class: A

Pressure plug: Valve with pressure plug size G1/4”

Group: 2

Power supply voltage: 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz

Operating temperature: -10°C / +60°C

Closing time: 1 s

Opening time: 1 sec

Installation: vertical and horizontal

Body: die-cast aluminum

Core mounting: PG9

Gas flow: 7.5 m3/h

Working pressure: 250 mbar

Nozzle diameter: 15 mm

Weight: 900g

Consumption: 20 VA

Opening type: The valve opens slowly and silently (this version has a flow regulator)

Winding type: The power is supplied by alternating current, but the valve operates on direct current due to the built-in rectifier bridge

Connection type: Terminal block connection-IP40


  • Comply with applicable national and European standards, such as EN60335-1, regarding electrical safety.
  • When installing the Brahma EG12*LP*GMO5 13922111 gas control block, position it so that the arrow on the housing indicates the direction of fuel flow.
  • When mounting the valve to the mounting pipeline, avoid twisting the shell, use a hex key to install it into the valve body.
  • Ensure that no foreign objects enter the Brahma EG12*LP*GMO5 13922111 gas control unit body.
  • Make sure that the maximum fuel inlet pressure never exceeds the value indicated on the label.

Flow adjustment

To adjust the gas supply, you need to unscrew one of the two screws used to secure the shut-off group and turn the entire group clockwise to reduce the supply, or in the opposite direction to increase it.

Adjusting the opening time

After removing the upper protection, turning it counterclockwise, it is necessary to press the adjusting screw; when rotating clockwise, the opening time increases, when rotating in the opposite direction, the opening time decreases.

Quick-release initial flow adjustment

After removing the upper guard by turning it counterclockwise, if you turn the nut clockwise, the initial release will be reduced; if you turn the same nut counterclockwise, the initial release will be increased.