Brahma 13902001 EG12*S*GMO gas valve

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Brahma EG12*S*GMO 13902001 gas valves are of a normally closed type, suitable for civil and industrial applications, powered by alternating or direct current and equipped with a mesh filter at the inlet, preventing the ingress of dirt with a thickness of more than 1 mm.

Brahma EG12*S*GMO 13902001 gas control units have a direct current supply coil, which allows you to perform actions as silently as possible.

It is possible to install a Brahma EG12*S*GMO 13902001 compact gas units or a slow-opening valve (obtained using a special hydraulic shock absorber) with flow control and an initial flow of quick-opening adjustment plugs and pressure plugs at the inlet (all) or outlet (except for flow control plugs).

Brahma EG12*S*GMO 13902001 gas control blocks conforming to the EN161 standard have a CE type certificate (CE registration number 63AQ0626) in accordance with European Directives 90/396 and 93/68.

Technical specifications

Class: A

Group: 2

Power supply voltage: 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz

Operating temperature: -10°C / +60°C

Closing time: 1 s

Opening time: 1 sec

Installation: vertical and horizontal

Body: die-cast aluminum

Core mounting: PG9

Gas flow: 7.5 m3/h

Working pressure: 500 mbar

Nozzle diameter: 15 mm

Weight: 800 g

Consumption: 20 VA

Type of opening: Fast, silent opening valve

Winding type: The power is supplied by alternating current, but the valve operates on direct current due to the built-in rectifier bridge

Connection type: Terminal block connection-IP40


  • Comply with applicable national and European standards (e.g. EN60335-1) regarding electrical safety.
  • Install the valve at the installation location so that the arrow on the valve body Brahma EG12*S*GMO 13902001 indicates the direction of fuel flow.
  • When mounting the valve to the mounting pipe, avoid twisting the shell and always use a hex wrench to install it into the valve body.
  • Make sure that no foreign objects have entered the body of the Brahma EG12*S*GMO 13902001 gas valve.
  • Make sure that the maximum fuel inlet pressure never exceeds the value indicated on the label.