Brahma 13702001 E6G*SR10*1/2*GFD gas valve

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Brahma E6G*SR10*1/2*GFD 13702001 gas solenoid valves are normally closed and designed for use in domestic and industrial installations.

Brahma E6G*SR10*1/2*GFD 13702001 valves operate efficiently on both direct and alternating current.

Brahma E6G*SR10*1/2*GFD 13702001 gas control blocks comply with the EN161 standard and have a CE certificate (Reg. N° 63AQ0626) in accordance with European Directives 90/396 and 93/68, which confirms their high quality and compliance with safety standards.

Technical specifications

Valve class: A

Supply voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz

Operating temperature: -10°C / +60°

Closing time: 1sec

Opening time: 1sec (for versions with fast opening)

Installation: Vertical and horizontal

Body Material: Brass

Nozzle diameter: 10 mm

Weight: 700 g

Working pressure: 0-500 mbar

Consumption: 20 VA

Natural gas consumption: 3.9 m3/h

Power supply type: Alternating current, but the valve is controlled by a DC signal due to the built-in bridge rectifier circuit

Type of opening: Quick opening, silent

Connection type: Terminal block connection – IP54.


The installation of the Brahma E6G*SR10*1/2*GFD 13702001 gas valve must comply with national and European standards, such as EN 60335-1, on electrical safety. During installation, pay attention to the arrow on the valve body so that it coincides with the flow direction.

It is important to avoid displacement of the protective shell and use an appropriately sized hex key when installing the Brahma E6G*SR10*1/2*GFD 13702001 gas valve on the pipeline. It is also necessary to prevent foreign objects from entering the valve.

To ensure reliable operation of the Brahma E6G*SR10*1/2*GFD 13702001 gas solenoid valve, it is important to ensure that the inlet pressure does not exceed the value set on the valve.

Setting up the flow rate

Rotate clockwise to reduce gas flow, counterclockwise to increase gas flow through the Brahma E6G*SR10*1/2*GFD 13702001 valve.