Brahma 13695502 E6G*A10*3/8*AFD gas valve

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Brahma E6G*A10*3/8*AFD 13695502 valves are normally closed, used in domestic and industrial installations, operate on direct and alternating current. They are divided into two groups: with a nozzle diameter of 8 or 10 mm.

Brahma E6G*A10*3/8*AFD 13695502 compact gas units comply with EN161, have a CE certificate (Reg. N° 63AQ0626) in accordance with European Directives 90/396 and 93/68.

Technical specifications

Valve class: A

Supply voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz

Operating temperature: -10°C / +60°

Closing time: 1sec

Opening time: 1sec (for versions with fast opening)

Installation: Vertical and horizontal

Body Material: Brass

Working pressure: 0-950 mbar

Nozzle diameter: 10 mm

Weight: 700 g

Consumption: 20 VA

Natural gas consumption: 3.9 m3/h

Pressure sampling control point: +

Power supply type: Alternating current

Connection Type: Quick-release connection for DIN43650 – IP65 (GFD IP40)


  • The installation is carried out in accordance with national and European standards (e.g. EN 60335-1) for electrical safety.
  • Install the Brahma E6G*A10*3/8*AFD 13695502 gas control block so that the arrow on the valve body coincides with the flow direction.
  • During the installation of the Brahma E6G*A10*3/8*AFD 13695502 gas valve on the pipeline, avoid displacement of the protective shell and always use a hex key of the appropriate size.
  • Make sure that no foreign objects have entered the valve.
  • Make sure that the inlet pressure of the Brahma E6G*A10*3/8*AFD 13695502 gas solenoid valve does not exceed the pressure indicated on the valve.