Brahma 13195871 E7/L*AFD oil valve

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Brahma E7/L*AFD 13195871 are fast-working solenoid valves for light liquid fuels. They are a normally closed type and can be used in both domestic and industrial systems. These Brahma E7/L*AFD 13195871 oil valves operate on both direct and alternating current, providing flexibility in application. With various delivery options, ease of assembly is provided, which reduces the need for a large number of fittings and increases the reliability of the structure.

Technical information

Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Working pressure: 0 – 20 bar (nozzle ø1.5 mm)

Ambient temperature: 0 – 60 °C

Maximum fuel temperature: 80 °C

Opening and closing time: <= 1 sec

Power Consumption: 11 VA

Consumption: 0.055 m3/h

Weight: 230 g

Installation position: any

Body: Brass

Input: G1/8”F

Output: G1/8”F

Winding type: Alternating current

Connection: quick-release connection for DIN 43650-IP 65


The installation of the Brahma E7/L*AFD 13195871 magnetic valve must comply with national and European standards, such as EN 60335-1, on electrical safety. Ensure that the valve body is connected to the ground, according to EN 60335-1, for effective protection against electric shock.

When installing the valve, make sure that the arrow on the valve body matches the flow direction. Avoid displacement of the protective shell and always use the appropriate size of the hex key when mounting on the pipeline.

Make sure that no foreign objects can get inside the Brahma E7/L*AFD 13195871 solenoid valve. Connect the filter to the valve inlet, ensuring that the cell size of the filter element does not exceed 0.5 mm.

Ensure reliable grounding and make sure that the pressure at the valve inlet does not exceed the pressure indicated on the valve itself.

Checking at startup

Check the Brahma E7/L*AFD 13195871 oil valve at the first start, after repair or long system downtime. In particular, check the tightness of the pipeline connection and the valve inlet, check the opening and closing according to the signals coming to the valve coil.