Brahma 10801025 RE3 flame relay

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Brahma RE3 10801025 relays are designed for efficient control of forced-draft gas burners used in both the civil and industrial sectors. Brahma RE3 10801025 controllers ensure reliable operation of the burners, ensuring safety and efficiency during operation.

Brahma RE3 10801025 gas firing devices are optimal for various applications.

Technical specifications

Voltage: 220 – 230 V

Protection: IP 00

Ambient operating temperature: 0 to +60 °C

Weight with socket: 370 g

Sizes: 8.6×6.5×6.2 cm


1. Long service life: More than 250,000 operations at maximum load, which emphasizes the high durability and reliability of the device.

2. Compact dimensions and easy installation: The device has compact dimensions, providing ease of installation.

3. Plastic housing: Lightweight and durable plastic housing provides additional protection and long service life.

4. Front display: A convenient display of the device’s operation status is located on the front panel for easy monitoring.

5. Connecting socket: It can be connected via a socket with screws or quick-release terminals, which facilitates the installation process.

6. LED alarm: The use of green (on) and red (flame) LEDs for visual visualization of the operation status.

7. Wide temperature range: Works in temperatures from 0 to +60 degrees, which ensures stability in various environmental conditions.

8. High level of protection: The enclosure provides IP 40 protection, ensuring reliable operation in various environments.

9. Fast response: The reaction time is less than 1 second, providing instant response to changes.

10. 220 Volt power supply operation: The device is powered by a standard 220 Volt power supply, providing ease of use.